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The most potent antioxidant

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Botanical alchemy for a better outlook

Safforia is the first all-natural euphoric detox formulated to unlock the mood-boosting powers of saffron. A single RTD 4 oz. elixir each day contains a powerful, flavorful, and natural way to uplift the spirit, stimulate the mind, and detox the body. Rooted in traditional medicine and backed by science, SAFFORIA contains a potent amount of pure fine grade saffron in a bioavailable formula designed to deliver the exquisite flavor of saffron along with its functional benefits for happiness and balance inside & out.


Nature's red gold is a proven mood booster

Saffron, the world’s most expensive spice,is procured from the Crocus sativus flower. Harvested by hand, each flower has three red stigmas that are carefully collected and then crushed to create the most spice: saffron. 

Recognized worldwide for its alluring aroma, golden color and rich taste, its most precious values extend far beyond what can be seen, smelled or tasted. From enhancing cognitive function to treating depression, this natural cure-all has potent abilities that are good for more than just flavoring your favorite dishes.

Energy Energy


Saffron x lemonade

Energy Energy


Saffron x passion fruit x ginger x black pepper


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Morning Commencer

Drink 1 Bottle of Safforia to Start your day with a burst of natural clean energy that elevates your mood and powers you from AM to PM.

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We know working out fights depression. So, enhance your mood and your workout by drinking 1 bottle 10 mins before you begin training.

To decrease inflammation & enhance recovery drink 1 bottle post-workout.



Add a short of your favorite spirit to a bottle of SAFFORIA.



Drink a bottle in the morning after a night out to help with detox & recovery while lifting your mood for a great start to an otherwise-difficult day.

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Nature’s red gold

After years in the making, time and love, I am so excited to finally introduce SAFFORIA Saffron Elixirs, the first line of products to be launched with SAFFORIA. Saffron is not only a staple in my Persian upbringing, but an ancient botanical that has been used for centuries for its mood lifting properties. My story started with watching my grandmother battle depression and my hope to seek a cure. In doing so we have flourished together with a happier and healthier family. It is with the fullest heart and sincerest gratitude to introduce the first ever saffron based elixir to uplift the spirit, stimulate the mind & detox the body.

With lots of love and plenty of spice.

Yass Grayeli.

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Used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and renowned throughout ancient Persia and Greece, saffron is a spice worth noting in our modern world. This ancient spice is packed with tons of antioxidants and nutrients that are notable for lifting mood, enhancing cognition, and boosting energy.

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Ancient Roots Backed by Modern Research

Scientific studies on saffron have shown that consumption of saffron (30 mg/day) for six weeks was shown to be as effective as prozac (40 mg/day) in improving depression symptoms in patients suffering from major depressive disorder.

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SAFFORIA harnesses the mood-boosting powers of saffron in a ready-to-drink pocket sized 4 oz. shot that is environmentally conscious and medicinally effective. Formulated with health and happiness in mind, SAFFORIA maximizes the bioavailability of saffron and with a recipe that is both a personal homage to ancient wisdom and backed by modern science. Our unique all natural, patent pending formula is specially designed to uplift the spirit, boost cognitive function, and enhance energy. We encourage a multicultural stance on health and wellness that is rooted in eastern tradition and supported by research & statistics