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    Safforia: A Natural Digestive Aid for Better Gut Health

    No one should have to suffer from painful digestive issues after every meal. Food is meant to nourish, not wreak havoc upon your body. Throughout history, people have tried all sorts of home remedies for stomach inflammation, from probiotics to digestive enzymes. We believe the best digestive aid treatments are all-natural, working to rebalance the gut and digestive tract without unintended consequences. Read on to discover more about what causes stomach inflammation and the best remedies for it.

    Primary Issues Associated with the Digestive Tract

    Do you suffer from any of the following digestion issues after meals? If so, you are not alone and there is help!

    • Bloating
    • Nausea and Vomiting
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    • Diarrhea 
    • Heartburn
    • Incontinence
    • Pain in the stomach
    • Unintended Weight Loss

    These issues range from mild to more serious, but will likely affect the homeostasis of your entire body in any case. Poor digestion can result in sleeping problems, skin inflammations like acne, food intolerances, and even autoimmune conditions. Now is the right time to take action and explore the best digestive aids in order to get back to feeling healthy and happy.

    Best Stomach Inflammation Remedies

    From bloating to stomach pain, don’t let your stomach problems continue one more day. Here are the best digestive aid supplements to calm your aching tummy.

    The Best Digestive Aid Supplements Include Saffron

    Saffron is not only delicious as a spice and filled with important nutrients, it’s also great for your stomach and digestive tract. With lots of antioxidants, saffron is capable of protecting the stomach from excess acidity and inflammation that lead to stomach pain. According to scientific researchers Assimopoulou et. al, the majority of the antioxidant properties in the Crocus Sativus extract studied came from the crocin and safranal present, which are filled with free-radical fighting compounds.

    In another study conducted on rats, it was discovered that saffron decreased damage to the stomach lining that was caused by too much acidity. The analgesic properties of saffron can dispel colic and gas buildup in the stomach, preventing bloating from occurring. Saffron can also prevent stomach cramps. To boost digestion and prevent future flare-ups of pain and cramping, try taking Safforia digestive aid supplements every day.

    Take Licorice Root Supplements to Repair the Stomach Lining

    Licorice root is another commonly known digestive aid that can help ease stomach woes. The glycyrrhizic acid in licorice root is anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting. When taken after food poisoning, heartburn, or any other stomach-related problem, licorice root can repair the damage to the lining of the stomach and make you feel much better. In addition, glycyrrhizic acid has been found to suppress the problematic bacteria known as H. pylori, which can cause infections in the gut.

    Restore Good Flora to Your Microbiome with Things That Aid Digestion, Like Probiotics

    If you have long-lasting gastrointestinal problems, it is very likely that your gut microbiome is out of balance. This might mean that there is a proliferation of bad bacteria or yeast like Candida albicans in your system. That’s where a digestive aid like probiotics comes in. Probiotics include different strains of good bacteria, including Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus that fight the bad bacteria. Taken every day as a home remedy for stomach inflammation, probiotics are capable of restoring good flora to the gut and alkalizing the stomach. You can take probiotics as supplements or by eating foods rich in natural probiotics like yogurt, kimchi, pickled vegetables, kefir, and some cheeses.

    Restore Your Digestive Fire with Potent Ginger as an Aid

    If you’ve ever sipped on ginger ale with a stomach ache and felt better, you will understand why ginger is on our list of things that aid digestion. Ginger has carminative properties that calm a turbulent tummy and reduce gas and bloating. In Ayurvedic medicine, ginger is known to restore the “digestive fire” that breaks down food and keeps your digestive tract regular. Taking ginger in the form of digestive aid supplements or drinking ginger tea between meals will help ease your digestive problems.

    Calm the Stomach and Digestion with Cooling Peppermint Oil

    Cooling peppermint oil is another all-natural stomach inflammation remedy. Peppermint works by relaxing the gastrointestinal tissues to prevent cramps and bloating. If you suffer from IBS, peppermint oil is often prescribed to aid with the uncomfortable symptoms. You can either take Peppermint Oil capsules before a meal or drink Peppermint tea following a meal to see the best results from this digestive aid.

    Stomach Inflammation Remedies Include Doing Small Things to Manage Your Stress Levels:

    While not a digestive aid supplement like a pill or drink, it’s important to do small things everyday to manage stress. That’s because stress can play a huge part in causing stomach and digestive issues. It places your body in a state of constant inflammation where blood is diverted away from your digestive tract. As such, stress can bring on bouts of cramping, pain, stomach ulcers, IBS, and constipation. If you recognize that you are suffering from stress-related stomach problems, spend some time doing self-care activities that are effective as home remedies for stomach inflammation. This can mean things like meditation, yoga, and relaxation techniques. 

    The Bottom Line: Prevent Stomach Problems Before they Gets Worse With the Best Digestive Aid

    Don’t go through life with nagging stomach pain, bloating, and heartburn. These issues will only get worse and can lead to a number of new problems that affect your skin, immune system, and overall well-being. Even something as minor as bloating can affect your self-esteem and mood in the long run. 

    Instead of taking medication with side effects, why not try all-natural stomach inflammation remedies that are proven to benefit your digestion in numerous ways? A well-balanced diet along with Safforia digestive aid supplements will help get your stomach back to a place of health.