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The Top 10 Benefits of Saffron

 Used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and renowned throughout ancient Persia and Greece, Saffron is a spice worth noting in our modern world.
This ancient spice is packed with tons of antioxidants and nutrients that are notable for boosting mood, enhancing cognition and detoxifying the body. Follow on to peer deeper into Saffron’s mysterious roots and ability to optimize health:

1. Boosts mood

In traditional Persian medicine, Saffron has been used to treat depression, elevate mood, increase feelings of happiness and even induce a sense of euphoria. In a clinical study, Saffron was found to be just as effective as the commonly prescribed SSRI, fluoxetine, supporting saffron’s antidepressant capabilities.

2. Supports detoxification

Saffron is a natural source of the antioxidant glutathione, which plays a role in helping your body to detox through supporting your liver – your body’s main detox organ. In addition, glutathione leads to cell regeneration and a healthy gut.

3. Lowers inflammation & Boosts immunity

Saffron has powerful anti-inflammatory abilities due to its high antioxidant, crocetin, and crocin content that work to fight pro-inflammatory cytokines.

4. Enhances cognitive function

Not only can saffron intake help improve short-term memory, saffron has been shown to help improve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease to the same extent as the commonly prescribed Alzheimer's drugs, donepezil, and imipramine but without the adverse side effects.

5. Promotes skin health

Two well-known skin enhancing nutrients vitamin C and glutathione are abundant in saffron which work to fight free-radical damage to cells that contribute to dull skin and wrinkles.

One study even showed that daily intake of saffron can improve mild to moderate psoriasis. Our largest organ, our skin, has a unique relationship with internal detoxification of the liver, one that can be solved with glutathione optimization.

6. Aids digestion

Because saffron can promote blood flow to the digestive system it can help ease symptoms of digestive distress. It also coats the gut to help soothe and calm damage and inflammation, which can be particularly useful in the cases of
leaky gut syndrome.


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