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    PM Mixer | AM Fixer

    More than we would like to admit we find ourselves in the state of boozy indulgence we call drunkenness. Albeit fleeting, intoxication inevitably leads to the notorious morning after hangover characterized by dehydration, physical pain, insatiable hunger, and lethargy.  
    Approaching a state of internal well-being from an inside out perspective is integral to a harmonious state of being. From within, we may approach detoxification and radiance directly from their source: the liver. The liver regulates and removes toxins from the blood, optimizes nutrient efficacy and bile to break down fat. As gut health's driving organ, the liver is the main factor in the metabolization of alcohol and overall detoxification leading to a mature state of mental elevation and physical bliss. With hangover cures on the rise, it is necessary to commit to self-care in the form of glutathione optimization in the liver and result-driven remedies.


    An Ancient Secret Revealed 

    Ancient Romans believed in the effects of saffron by infusing their wine with the prized spice, believing it would enhance its effects and prevent hangovers. In a larger effort to prevent the dreaded hangover, Romans would sleep with saffron filled silk pillows to garner its aromatherapeutic effects. In addition to adding saffron to their ammonium wine, Roman’s used the powerful botanic to relieve liver bile, and in a modern sense, flush out toxins and rejuvenate from a late-night binge.
    From modern medicine, we can understand that alcohol has a unique metabolization process that, when consumed in excess, produces harmful acetaldehyde, which is not created until the alcohol reaches the liver. After which, the liver produces toxic free radicals that can harm the body. Oxidative stress is then mediated by glutathione, a caveat to this, however, is that the liver stores of glutathione rapidly run out if large amounts of alcohol are consumed at a time. This leads to a search for a solution to the dreaded hangover which houses harmful toxins. The key: thoughtful elimination and holistic detoxification.
    With self-proclaimed “hangover cures” on the rise, there is only one that stands out from the rest. Plant-based, all-natural and proven throughout history, saffron has the ability to rejuvenate, detoxify, and support healthy antioxidant levels. Saffron’s unique structure includes a formulation of biochemicals, minerals, and vitamins that are efficiently absorbed in the digestive tract and lead to large nutritive benefits. As a natural source of glutathione, saffron can repair damage caused by oxidative stress, cell degeneration, and free radicals while facilitating rapid metabolization of alcohol.  
    To enhance antioxidant uptake, consider a permanent solution that supports your internal health like SAFFORIA’s Gold Rush or Bliss Royale, which include a synergistic blend of ginger and black pepper extract for optimal detoxification. Saffron boosts the production of glutathione, an essential antioxidant in the liver that regenerates damaged cells, metabolizes efficiently, and finally minimizes your hangover woes so you can enjoy tonight without sacrificing tomorrow.