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    Safforia: 3 Ways We’re Different Than Any Other Saffron Product

    In an age where “all-natural” food and supplement ingredients are wildly popular, saffron products are starting to make a ton of headway. That’s because the benefits of saffron range from advanced immune system strength to an improved mood and greater mental health.

    Sure, you can make your own saffron-based lemonade or other mixed beverages and pair it with a healthy meal. These drinks might taste good, but they don’t include all of the saffron supplement benefits like the products from Safforia.

    So, we’re about to reveal three ways that our Safforia elixirs are different than any other saffron product out there.

    1. Highest Concentration of Pure Saffron

    There’s no doubt that there are a variety of saffron products out there, such as teas and capsules. Yet, it’s extremely hard to find another reputable company that sells ready-to-drink saffron extract beverages.

    Every bottle of Safforia Elixir is about four ounces, so a couple of large sips will do. But in that tiny bottle, you’re getting a completely pure and natural mixture of saffron extract, black pepper extract, erythritol (for sweetness), and other natural flavorings.

    We’re not watering our Elixir down with water or filler ingredients like some other companies might. You’re getting as much pure saffron as physically possible because we know that’s the only way to get the benefits you’re looking for.

    2. Enjoy All of the Health Benefits of Saffron With Increased Bioavailability

    Along with saffron extract, our Safforia Elixirs includes black pepper extract and is kept within a certain pH level in order to maximize the bioavailability of our products. That means that your body is able to use more of the available nutrients and you feel healthier, happier, and more balanced. 

    With a higher concentration of the luxurious spice running through your system, combined with other ingredients and a preparation that maximize bioavailability, you have a much better chance of seeing the noticeable health benefits that saffron provides.  Safforia Elixirs will help you attain improved digestion, a healthier appetite (no more binge eating), entire body detoxification, and mood improvement.

    3. Impressive 24/7 Boost 

    The wide scope of saffron benefits is highlighted in our line of Safforia Elixirs. The best part is, you’re not just going to feel the effects shortly after you finish the bottle; they'll continue over the course of the day.

    After all, is there really a point of spending your hard-earned money on health products whose benefits wear off after a couple of hours? We don’t think so!

    That means a longer-lasting mood enhancement, which can positively impact your relationships, job performance, and even your self-esteem. You can also drink your Elixir to detoxify your system after a night out or just to provide yourself an energy boost at sunrise.

    With the glutathione that’s found in saffron (and in even greater concentrations in our products), you can also guarantee cell repair and regrowth from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep.

    The Bottom Line

    The health benefits of saffron products are quite clear. Yet, just preparing yourself a saffron tea or mixed drink won’t allow you to experience all of the saffron supplement benefits that this spice has to offer.

    Whether you’re looking for a quick energy boost, a better outlook on life, or just a stronger immune system, high concentration Elixirs from Safforia are definitely the way to go.