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    How to Measure your Mental Health and Improve it at Home

    It feels like everyone is trying to find ways to stay balanced during the COVID-19 pandemic. While you try to adjust to the “new normal,” it can feel like anything but normal. When it comes to measuring your physical, mental, and emotional health, there are some popular ways to work on staying calm and collected that don’t require a prescription or a professional reference. 

    One way to build better mental health is by taking time to do a daily check-in with your body. This time can allow for clarity in how you’re feeling and what you might need. Not to mention, working a well-balanced diet and immune boosting drinks into your routine goes a long way as well. Here are some tips for preserving your mental and emotional well being. 

    Mental Health Guides: Effective Ways to Manage and Measure Your Well Being 

    Measuring your mental wellness each day should be part of your daily routine. When you wake up, or maybe before starting work or your to-do list, take time to check in on yourself in these quick and easy ways. These tips can even be used for mental health building and improvement!

    Stretch the Body from Head to Toe

    Your brain and body both benefit from a 5-10 minute stretch at the beginning of the day. It’s a great period of time to be mindful about how you’re feeling, what might be aching or sore, and helps loosen the muscles for the day. 

    Plan for Success Today or Further in the Future

    A great way to manage everything happening in your brain is to take the load off your mind by writing things down. A proven and effective way to reduce stress, boost your mood, and achieve better mental health is to write out daily goals.


    If you have stress about the future, it can help to write out your goals for the next week or month as well. This way, you can find ways to do something each day to reach that goal so the journey doesn’t feel so overwhelming. 

    Care For Your Body By Giving It Proper Fuel

    A well-balanced diet and plenty of water go a long way when it comes to physical, mental, and emotional health. Not to mention, certain natural ingredients and spices can help maximize the body’s potential and leave you feeling great. It’s not always about meal-prepping and investing in several supplements. A popular way to boost everything from your mood to your digestion is to work saffron into your diet. 

    What is Saffron And Its Role in Mental Health Building?

    Saffron is far from some miracle concoction; in fact, it’s found naturally as a spice. Persians from thousands of years ago regularly relied on saffron’s antidepressant and calmative effects for better mental health. Recent studies back up the traditional uses of the spice with results pointing to a decrease in anxiety and depression in patients when they consumed the ingredient regularly. 

    In fact, recent studies show that saffron is an effective alternative to Prozac. On top of its mental building benefits, the natural herb is also shown to fight cancer, provide anti-inflammatory perks, and fill the body with antioxidants. Considering the benefits of this ingredient, a great way to improve your mental health and lifestyle is to work it into your diet regularly. 

    Enjoy Better Mental Health Naturally

    Safforia is a delicious and beneficial way to work saffron into your diet so your body can maximize all the spice has to offer. From increased levels of dopamine and serotonin to better blood flow and digestion, Safforia offers your body and mind the much needed boost it needs to stay balanced. 

    With everything happening in the world right now, your mental and emotional well being should be tended to like a garden. Remember to check in with yourself and measure the status of your mental health. Doing so can help you understand what you need in order to feel more calm, cool, and collected during these difficult times.